Our Best Hosting Services

Experience the best hosting services at the most competitive price on the market.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Our cloud servers use the very best virtual technology and software to offer you all the benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical servers. Scalable infrastructure mean that you can quickly and easily effect upgrades with no downtime and get additional resources like processing power, RAM and storage when you need them. Our top notch hardware offers the very best in processing speed, RAM and network attached storage for ongoing performance optimisation - thanks to the VM software.

  • Cloud VPS

    Our VPS hosting is built on top of the latest, award winning AMD EPYC Platform, backed by SuperMicro hardware and Samsung Enterprise SSD hard drives to ensure stability, reliability and Epic Performance. There is no Overselling on our VPS Hosting servers and all resources assigned to the VPS are guaranteed and to ensure total peace of mind, our VPS Hosting come backed with efficient service and support from our dedicated teams

  • Dedicated Servers

    It may seem old-fashioned, but sometimes you do need a box with stuff inside it - preferably very powerful and awesome stuff. Africaone Cloud has grown its reputation on rock-solid dedicated hosting, and our experienced team can build and deploy a server, with the very best cutting edge components, like no-one else. Our network engineers monitor and maintain your server’s hardware, ensuring the component failure is kept to an absolute minimum and is prevented or pre-empted wherever possible.

  • Cloud Backup

    Disasters can strike at any time and that's why we're always on standby to assist. Our Management Portal is packed full of features, giving you full access to manage and restore your backups at any time. We also continuously monitor all backup statuses and immediately notify you of any issues.

  • Domain Registration

    Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand. These days, it’s literally the first thing you do before starting a new venture, and it’s also the very first thing unscrupulous competitors may do to keep you from success. You can sign up your domain with any hosting package  or you can register the domain without a hosting package (if you’re not ready for that just yet).
    Registration without hosting still offers full DNS control, so you can point your browsing and mail records to any IP address, depending on your specific requirements.

  • SSL Certificates

    An SSL certificate is the best way to protect private information online. When your website displays an HTTPS address and a secure padlock, your customers can shop confidently, knowing their information is 100% safe. Increase trust and boost conversions today with an SSL certificate from African Cloud!.